Our Mission

It can be a struggle to articulate your unique skill set and experience and simultaneously put it onto paper.

At Resume Parachute we recognize these unique challenges you face because we have encountered them ourselves.  Having a solid resume before you separate from service takes the stress off your shoulders.  A resume in hand allows you to focus on other aspects of your transition such as VA support, continuing or returning to education, and taking care of you and your family.  Think of us as a battle buddy that you can always count on so you can hit the ground running as you look to achieve your next milestone in life.

The next fire fight or engagement in your career is likely the hurdle to gain employment.  Let us guide you through the minefield that we have already walked and cleared so you can focus your efforts 100% without the worry.  Take the guess work out of resume creation by investing in your future with a personalized walk-through conducted by one of our coaches.  Avoid the hurry up and wait game by utilizing our skills to accelerate your chances of being hired as soon as possible.